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Below is a list of videos included in the 2022 DGIQ D.C. Video Package:

A Business-Friendly Approach to Data Governance and Quality

Always Start With the WHY

An Integrated Approach to Data Governance

Be a Successful CDO in Government

BigID Demo: A Data-First Approach for Data Governance (Product Session)

Building a Dream Team! People-Centred Data Governance

Collibra's Approach to Modern Data Quality (Product Session)

Conducting the Symphony of AI: How Data Governance Orchestrates Development of Transformational AI Tradecraft

Converting Data Language Into Business Speak - Can You Talk the Talk?

Create a Trusted, Business-Ready Data Foundation with IBM Data Governance Solutions (Product Session)

Data Agreements

Data Catalogs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Maximize the Good, Avoid the Bad and Ugly!

Data Economics - Quantifying the Value of Data to Justify Increased Investments

Data for Public Good: A Voting Rights Case Study

Data Governance - Privacy and Compliance View

Data Governance and the Perception of Value, Data Strategy for the Public Sector

Data Governance at Scale: The Challenges and How to Address Them (Product Session)

Data Governance Best Practices to Support Medicaid Transformation: Lessons from Medi-Cal

Data Governance or Data Quality in an Agile Environment

Data Literacy: A Transformational Outcome of Data Governance

Data Positioning System: The GPS for Your Data Lake

Data Quality Deniers and What We Learn from Them

Data Quality Proactive and Reactive Possibilities, Process, and Insights

Data Stewardship Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Driving Business Innovation via Data Governance

Effective Data Classification Is Critical for Data Governance

Embarrassing Data Moments

Embracing Change to WIN!

Establishing Data Governance for Your Data Lake, Data Mesh, or Data Fabric

Gamifying Data Quality

Govern Data Like Nobody's Watching

Governance vs. Agility: Finding the Balance

How Shaw Industries Built a Data Governance Program in 90 Days

How to Apply OCM (Organizational Change Management) Principles to Improve Data Governance Outcomes

How to Demonstrate the Value of Your Data Governance Program (Panel)

How's This Thing Work? - Leveraging Operating Models for Better Data Governance

Implementing Data Quality Monitoring During Application Development

Keeping Stakeholders Engaged

Key Strategies to Sustain a Data Governance Program by Effectively Communicating Data Governance Value Through Business Success Story Realization

Leveraging Information Quality to Grow Revenue and Profit

Making Dollars Make $ense: Quantifying the Value of Data Governance to Senior Leadership

Managing Meaning Through Data Governance

Model Behavior - Centralized, Decentralized, and Hybrid Governance Models

Moving Data Governance to the Boardroom (Panel)

Not Your Grandma’s Data Governance (Product Session)

Orchestrating Data Retention (Product Session)

OvalEdge: End to End Data Governance (Product Session)

PlainID: Data Access Control for the Modern Enterprise (Product Session)

Practitioners Share Their Best Practices and Lessons Learned (Panel)

Rebooting Data Governance: Pragmatic and Practical Experience

Rise of Data-Driven Intelligence

Show Me the Money: Funding Data Governance - A Canadian Government Case Study Using a Practical Strategy to Costing the Work of Data

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Building a Business Glossary for a Government Agency

Sustainable Data Governance Driving Data-Centric Decision Making in a Multi-Disciplinary Environmental Organization

The Chief Data Officer's Role in Modern Data Governance - It's Not What You Think

The Role That Empathy Plays in Designing Data Governance Programs (Panel)

The Triangle of Successful Data Management: Learning Experiences and Key Takeaways from the Automotive Industry

Unlock the Full Transformative Potential of Your Data with Data Governance and Enterprise Architecture (Product Session)

Web 3.0: How Blockchain Technologies Will Transform Data Management and What You Must Do Now to Prepare

What Data Is Critical (CDEs) and to Who? (Panel)

What Did Your Data Do Last Night? A Deep Dive Into Trusting Your Data Through Quality and Governance

Where’s the Data? Visibility, Validation and the 80/20 Rule 

Whose Data Is It Anyway?

Why Fortune 500 Companies Use Lightup to Solve Data Quality (Product Session)

Your Data Keeps Breaking Silently - Why Data Quality Is So Hard to Solve


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